Examples from the book

Stage Performance for Musicians

The McGurk Effect. 

Stromae – Racine Carrée Live (Full Concert)

St. Vincent live. Outside Lands 2015 Full Concert HD 

Von Dü – Pumpehuset

The Weeknd & Ariana Grande – Save Your Tears 

Woodkid – Iron live

Who is Kristian?

Kristian Koch is Scandinavia’s top coach for musicians, improving concert experiences for thousands of artists in all genres, from established names to obscure projects, including jazz, hip-hop, pop, and death metal.

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My method

Appearing credible on stage is a cornerstone of my approach and of how I conceive music and stage performance. This is reflected in the name I have given my method: Credible On Stage Method. My method comprises seven phases in total, each containing one or several elements. 

Some of the artist i have worked with

You’ll fit right in

The Minds of 99

Benjamin Hav

Stine Bramsen





Pernille Rosendahl


Hanne Boel



Zar Paulo

Martin Jensen

Lasse Skriver

Ravi Kuma


Hugo Helmig



The Book


6 out of 6 stars in GAFFA (Scandinavia’s largest music magazin)

This book is packed with ideas that will help you make amazing concerts.

– How to build your concerts and setlist
– How to act on stage
– How to speak to the audience
– How to win over the audience

Don’t just take my word for it


“Kristian Koch is the man who brought stage performance to the forefront among musicians in Denmark. He has greatly challenged and inspired us.”

Hanne Boel, Singer


“As a band, it’s hard to see and hear ourselves from the outside. But Kristian Koch has more than a 1000 eyes and eyers. So, just like we have a soundman and a lighting technician, we use Kristian.”

Niels Brandt, The Minds Of 99


“Finally, a book that changes the stage from intimidating to your favorite playground.”

Kristian Riis, Nephew


“A handbook that, regardless of genre, aims to improve the concert experience of the audience.”

GAFFA, Music media

Contact Me

Do you work outside Denmark?

Yes! I hold lectures, workshops, and concert productions globally, working in countries such as the USA, Dubai, SPain, Germany and Norway, sharing my expertise and enhancing concert experiences worldwide.

What do you cost?

My price varies depending on where in the world it takes place, how long i have to hold a lecture or workshop, or if I need to help produce a concert. You are always welcome to call or write for a specifik price.

Do you coach both bands and solo artists?

Yes! I have extensive experience coaching everything from solo artists, duos, to bands with 3, 4, 5, up to bands with 10-20 members. I have also coached choirs with  over 50 singers.

What does a typical process look like?

When producing concerts with a band, we first meet for a discussion about goals and setlist. Then we work 3-5 days in a rehearsel space, venue, or arena. My processes are often different in length, as it depends on the size of the concert and tour.